Belty Bling

So, I've been too busy to make my own stuff lately, but not too busy to browse around Etsy. I'm on a belt buckle kick so I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you.

We'll start with a fellow Austinite.

Glass belt buckle with woodgrain silkscreen.
Love it.

Steel buckles no one else will have on their belts.

Yes, we've seen them before but this one is 18k gold!

Amazing Dia Des Los Muertos Belt Buckle
at headzortailz.etsy.com


Ring a Ling!

Here are some of my first rings. Any suggestions on ways to keep the clay attached would be appreciated. I am using E6000 right now. Seems to work fine. I've been wearing some and bumping them around at work. Very sturdy.