Staple! is my favorite show of the year. Not my normal craft show but fun nevertheless, ha ha. (Shhh! I'm secretly a comic book geek...) Some of my favorite local artists will be there with me and I can't wait!


Flower Power

I'd like to share some of my new designs for this season. I decided some flower images were in order. In the next couple of months I'll also be introducing cuff links, earrings and maybe some light switch plates to my line up.

For those of you looking for new merchandise to carry in your retail outlets, I just finished my wholesale catalog. Click here to see it. You can email me at jen@lucybluestudio.com for prices.

Spring So Soon?

I know I haven't blogged since Maker Faire in October. Forgive a busy girl.

To get things started this year, I'm going to share a few Etsy goodies that make me think of spring.
Bumble bees are always fun and I was glad to hear that the bee population has started growing again after that strange die-off. So let's celebrate!

A wonderful brooch from SteamPunkCellar

Pendant from BuildersStudio's