Help Support a Texas Artist

Should be a fun time. Come on by if you are in Austin.


Only a Week to Go!

I'm so excited I even bought a New York guide book. Ok, so I'll have my own personal tour guide but still, I like researching and finding things my self. The show starts Friday at 6 and the second one starts Saturday at 1. That leaves 4 full days and most of Thursday to explore. As far as prep for the show goes, my pieces got shipped today by FedEx and hopefully nothing tragic or weird happens. I don't think I'll get to see as much as I want but the Met and Cooper-Hewitt are top on my list, along with plenty of bookstores, Chinatown and at least a couple of nice restaurants. How silly is it to already be dreading the return flight? I love that city and would live there in a heartbeat. Wish me luck at the show. It'll be worth the trip no matter what happens.


A Fellow Artist Needs Help

Please visit Scott Garrette's etsy shop or read about why he needs help here. Anything would be appreciated.


I have genius friends. For some reason I thought I'd have to buy something expensive to fix my "bubble" problem. All I need is a giant bag, a box, some duct tape and a shop vac. I'm building a fabulously cheap vacuum chamber for my resin. No more bubbles and I get to feel like clever for a few minutes :) Now I just have to see if it will really work.