Mold Making is Easy and Fun!

Mold making is fun and easy. It also helps open up new possibilities in so many crafty areas. Love your vintage button collection but don't want to use it up? Have a necklace design in mind but can't find enough beads to complete it? Love sculpting figures but can't seem to reproduce your favorite creations? Well, there are several simple mold making techniques you can try to help solve those issues.

Simple one part molds can be used to capture textures or patterns with ease. Making buttons or cabochons is simple when you use a 2 part silicone mold making material. No need to worry with complex, multi-part molds and you can get to producing multiple parts in no time. This works great with clay or casting resin.

Liquid latex can be used to make slightly more sophisticated molds of 3d objects as well and objects that require the ability to capture more detail than the 2 part silicone molds can provide. This can either be brushed on or poured, depending on the product.

2 part molds can be used to make molds of more complex figures or 3 dimensional objects that may need more support than the liquid latex can provide. These can be made out of plaster or silicone rubber and are great for casting objects out of resin or for use with clay.

If you are interesting in learning any of these techniques there are several classes available! Check them out!


Rubber Stamp Carving via The WonderCraft

There is still room in my class next Wednesday evening. Such a flexible skill to learn.

I made all these stamps to work on a book making project. I used black ink and stamped them on white paper. Then, after the ink was dry, the images were scanned so they could be used on my digital projects but still maintain a hand made feel.

Rubber Stamp Carving - Adults - 8/26/09

Carving your own unique rubber stamps allows you to add a personalized touch to your paper creations. In this class you'll design and carve 2-3 small rubber stamps and create a set of note cards with them. Once you learn the technique, you'll be able to turn any of your artwork into a rubber stamp for use on stationery, gift wrap, your own business cards and more!

Here is a picture of the one tool you'll need to buy. I know I like to see what the tools look like before I shop for them. Makes it easier to know what you need :)