I seem to have hurt my shoulder in some mysterious way. Two weeks now and until a few days ago I was convinced it would just go away. I am currently on pain meds and waiting to see if I need an MRI. Not that you guys want to hear all this. I am just frustrated because I want to make all the things I've dreamed up in my convalescence. It seems small rounds of typing doesn't hurt so bad but conditioning clay is a nightmare. I could try painting with my left hand but, silly me, everything I am dying to make requires clay. Wish me luck and pray I suddenly find patience. Seriously, bored, impatient redheads... very bad thing to have floating around the house.


May PCAGOE Challenge

The theme for this month's PCAGOE challenge was Mixed Media so I used copper wire, string and paint to fulfill the requirement. Don't ask me where the idea came from; it just popped into my head. Ok, it was spurred on by this tutorial showing how to make little octopus charms. How I got from those to this would hurt your brain and mine if I tried to explain. That happens though. I get clay in my hands and what I want to make takes a backseat to what the clay wants to become. I hope you enjoy the sculpture. It was fun to make.

"The Masked Whale Boy Comes Ashore"


Rabbits Have Invaded

I have had rabbits on the brain for a long time. Go figure. I am pretty sure I will keep expanding this series. New ideas just seem to pop into my head in the middle of the night. They are small. I use various 2x3 inch frames to house the sculptures. I can just see dozens of them covering an entire gallery. It would be so hilarious.

Heaven Has Apples

Spring Time Is For Fish

Rabbits Can Swim


Show This Weekend

This is the festival I will have my work at this weekend. I'll be sharing a booth with Andrea of Powderpuff Creations.
I will have more polymer clay work than anything I think and some new weird rabbit pieces. I'll post some photos later in the week after I'm done with this little mini series.

So, if you are in the Austin area come on by and say hello. I'll have some fun promo stuff from other Etsy artists to hand out. There will be music, food and tons of artists to drool over.

See you there!