Bazaar Bizarre Neighbors

I had some great neighbors at the Bazaar Bizarre/Maker Faire. I think most of the $$$ I spent was at the booths around me because I only had intermittent help during the show. My dear, dear BF spent most of the time on his gas powered skateboard and gas powered bicycle. I think those toys were more popular than my jewelry when they were parked outside my tent :)

Anyway, I wanted to share some pictures of the crafters near my booth. They all had such wonderful work.

Xylocopa: They were right across from me. I think that is why I ended up with so many things from their booth :) I was staring at it for two days. I bought one of the awesome paper skulls (with a moustache!) and a couple of the blocks. All of her original illustrations are etched/cut with a laser. Amazing.

Some of the jewelry Michele of Xylocopa created.

Loop+Lil: I loved her sign. She had some very precious baby clothes, cute scarves and whimsical flower pins.

harrilu: I bought the black shirt in this picture. There isn't a picture of it but they also have this awesome Mexican wrestling mask shirt.

Designs by Lanese: These hand puppets are so soft and cute. And the Cupcakes for One were a great idea. She was behind me so I could hear the customers oohing and awwing over those :)

Belated Maker Faire Update

I intended to post some images of the freebie I was making for Maker Faire but ended up scrambling around doing all sorts of other last minute things right up to the morning I was setting up.

So here are some images of what I was doing:

I ended up using the rabbit image for the final product

My jig for cutting the bookmarks

I was using my Gocco and making bookmarks (that ended up being just postcards because of a bad initial paper choice). Don't use that awful Stardream paper with the Gocco. The ink just mushes around because it can't really adhere to the plasticy finish.

I made about 100 and they quickly disappeared. Think I might block off the Maker Faire part and make some thank you notes.


And the Winner is...

... Robert. I also have a back-up winner in case Robert doesn't contact me by Monday.

Thanks everyone for participating. Hope to see everyone there! There are other contests going on and also many volunteer opportunities for the Maker Faire that will also result in tickets.



Robert, I need you to email me and also allow access to your profile so I can verify it is you because I have no email address for you.