Maker Faire

Well, spent this weekend at the Maker Faire here in Austin. I loved it. There is something energizing about seeing so many creative and talented people showing off their inventions/labors of love. And there were lots of robots :)

I was handing out materials for Etsy and having a great time wandering around looking at everything. The art cars were the first thing that caught my eye. Saw the famous camera van and had no idea it had working tv's on one side.

Also saw the giant mousetrap.
Honestly, if you are curious just go to flickr and do a search for Austin Maker Faire to get all the pictures you could ever want. It is hard to convey the atmosphere of the event. All these people that I'm sure have been called crazy or worse for following their creative impulses, be it mixing dead animal parts into cute sculptures....
or making dancing robots, building their own theremins, or making bicycles out of found objects. There was also the Diet Coke and Mentos fountains. Took about 3 hours to set up properly and all of 2 minutes to explode.

If the Maker Faire ever comes anywhere near you, go!

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