Bazaar Bizarre Austin Oct 18-19, 2008

So, I was accepted into the Bazaar Bizarre craft fair. I'm so excited. I've been waiting for Austin to have one for a long time. It is happening in conjunction with Maker Faire October 18-19.

Funny part is, I have hardly anything to show so I've been constructing belt buckles and trying to make some new stuff. I've found it is easier to trudge through the familiar and let my mind wander while cutting out the gazillion images I use in everything. While I'm in a zone my mind comes up with all sorts of wonderful things to make after I'm done with my core inventory. Just hope I have time to get to it before the show :)

Hope anyone who can comes out to see the show. Last year, Maker Faire was incredible. It appealed to geeks and non geeks alike. All the fire and explosions help :)

P.S. Like my new belt buckle image?

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Jules from Aberrant Crochet said...

Holy Crap that buckle's cool!