Maker Faire Ticket Giveaway

Guess what, folks! I'm hosting a Maker Faire ticket giveaway on my blog. You have until Friday at midnight (central time) to post a comment on my blog as to why you deserve these free tickets (kudos to creative responses). I have 2 adults and one youth ticket. I'm going to have a random drawing of all the participants and announce the winner on Saturday. Who ever wins will get all three tickets. Maker Faire makes a great family outing. This is for Austinites or those in the surrounding area (unless you know you'll be in the Austin area for the event). Please make sure you leave an email address so I can contact the winner about how they would prefer to receive the tickets.

And don't forget to come visit me at the Bazaar Bizarre going on in conjunction with Maker Faire!

Link to Craftzine's blog post.

Good Luck!


Katie said...

I could put those tickets to good use- I'm a pro photographer looking to expand my circle of creative friends. Last year at MakerFaire I took hundreds of photos, and this year I have a better camera. Plus, my best friend has never been and it's right after her birthday. ;)


Sommer said...

I just moved here from San Diego and would love to go to Maker Faire.

Sweet Tooth Crafts said...

Hi Jen! thanks for doing the giveaway. I met you at Acknowledge Me fest last year and we did a little bartering - you got one of my little plush ornaments (a tooth, I think?) and I got this beautiful silver skull necklace from you that I adore.
Anyway - I was hoping to be a maker and demo making zines, but I'm helping to organize Ladies Rock Camp (a fundraiser for Girls Rock Camp!) and it's the same weekend. So, I can still attend and I'm hoping to be able to come and spend some time there in between helping at ladies rock camp.

Elizabeth said...

I'm in Austin and I'd love to go as well. I don't really know any other craft obsessed individuals in town.

elizgarbs [at] yahoo [dot] com

Kim said...

I'm excited that they're including Bizarre Bazaar this year! Count me in!


Robert said...

I would love to have those tickets. I am a bazaar metal smith that loves the bazaar and creative. My young son would have a great opertunity to be exposed to the taleted self expression of the anthing is posible coulture. This would be a great experience for all to see.

Debra said...

I'm too poor to buy tickets. Thanks for offering these. dtemple99@gmail.com

wendy said...

I'm new to Austin and so excited that maker-faire is here! We would love some tickets... pretty please?

Anonymous said...

I love all things handmade! I have been dying to go to a Faire!


Carrie said...

I would love to have tickets to be able to take my 2 year old and sew what things light up his eyes. That's one of my favorite things about him... seeing what excites him.
I also have an engineer for a husband and I hear there are some cool electronic things. LOL... I want to show him that I can actually find something cool to drag him to that he would enjoy!