Hot Rods and Art

Ok, nothing too crafty today. I've been oversaturated with hot rods this weekend and I'm processing. I love that whole culture but I am more of a voyeur than a participant (aka, no hot rod of my own, soon though, I don't have a enough tattoos and don't hang out with that crowd on a regular basis.)

Lonestar Rod & Kustom Round Up

I do have a very well grounded appreciation for that scene though, as a lot of the artists I love seem be influenced by a combination of '50's hot rod art and the skater scene. Yes, they are different but to me and most other people who have been following the "low brow" art scene (which needs a new name BTW,) looking at it from an aesthetic point of view, there are some common threads.

I have also become convinced I need to learn to do pin striping...

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