Any Market for Weird Purses?

I've been encouraged to make more of my cigar box purses. I have a couple for sale and they get looked at a lot but no one picks them up. I try not to be too effected by this. I know that making things true to yourself is more important than trying to make things you think will sell.

So I traded some light poster work for a temporary salesman. He is willing to talk to some people about carrying some of my purses and hopefully he is better at it than I am. I am still too attached to my work and have a hard time watching the buyer's eyes judge everything. I think this is why I love the internet so much. You can still interact with your customers, you have a broader customer base (if you can reach them) and there is a barrier between the work and the fear of rejection.

I find my fear of rejection funny. I mean, I have confidence in my work and my attention to quality. I think my stuff is fairly unique and I enjoy making it. But put me in front of a person who isn't as enthusiastic about my work and suddenly I am full of doubt. I know it happens to everyone and plenty of people either get over it or ignore it enough to schlep their stuff around but I haven't figured that part out yet.

I think for the next few I'll base my purses off of these...

These are listed on Etsy so I can't send them around to shops.

I made the figures first then decided to put them on purses. So I think I'll work that way again; just start playing with the figures and see what happens then decide what to do with them. I made molds of some doll heads and various insects. Then I added skulls, flames and embellishments. I'm pretty sure that in the next few weeks I can have an extensive line of creepy purses and no two will be alike.

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Donni said...

wow - your creativity is awesome! I think a lot of artists have that angst where somehow their creativity is inextricably linked to potential buyers' response... and hence our self-esteem fluctuates with that... it is something I am very familiar with as a glass artist. I think your work fills a niche that certainly isn't mainstream, however the artistic nature, beauty and execution of your work... well, it is just gorgeous!!!!