Product Reviews: Amazing Mold Putty & Super Sculpey Firm

Let me begin by saying I love Amazing Mold Putty. I have more molds than a teenager out on their own for the first time. I have finally graduated from molding what is around me to creating molds from polymer clay so I can cast my own unique pieces. The molding putty is easy to mix, not too sticky and makes detailed impressions. It is an easy 1:1 ratio. I have tried about 3 other brands and I have to say they each had their own issues. One was so sticky it was hard to mix without getting everywhere and the other two made molds that weren't flexible enough. I started out by carrying it with me everywhere and molding anything that caught my eye; texture on furniture (don't use on fabrics, I was playing with wicker and bamboo pieces), floors, walls, friends' appendages, etc... It sets up fast and stays pliable. I've made impressions in polymer clay and now resin and the resulting pieces are just as interesting as the original. I found you have to watch for air bubbles but that seemed to be the case with all of the brands. Paying attention to how you are mixing the parts together helps cut down on the bubbles.

I have also been using Super Sculpey Firm as my sculpting medium. It is easy to condition, easy to blend and is very durable. I found that the lumps, bumps and fingerprints disappear with less effort. For my usual work I'll still stick to Premo but for pieces I'm going to cast in resin I will use SSF. I'm enjoying the smoother texture and have been impressed with how it holds onto details.

Hope this information helps with anyone who has been experimenting with mold making. I haven't graduated to the liquid silicone molding mediums yet but I probably will. I have been eyeballing some of my 3-D works for casting and need something else to make molds with. I'll keep you posted.

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