A Day at the Park

I went to the park a couple of days ago and took my "toy" cameras. I have a Kodak Duaflex II twin lens reflex camera that I rigged up to do TtV photography. Yes, I know it is contrived and over done, but it is so much fun! It is like how my serious motorcycle riding friends describe the difference between a pro dirt bike and a cheap, oil leaking Russian bike with a side car. Yeah, the fast dirt bike is fun and gives you an adrenaline rush but the bike with the side car makes you smile like a 5 year old on Christmas even though you are only going 30 mph. Besides, isn't doing art and photography supposed to be fun? I'm still working on my rig. I get a weird blue vignette on the right corners of the images. I'm pretty sure I just need to build a sturdier box to put my digital on top of.
My other set up was a Canon 20D with a Lensbaby attached. It is one of the older lenses; they have much fancier versions now, but mine is still functional. The images always feel like an impressionist painting.


Beth H said...

beautiful! are those from the botanical gardens at Zilker?

Jen said...

They sure are!