SXSW Recap

Where to start? Food is always my favorite part of any event and I had several new experiences while tending my booth in the Guero's parking lot this weekend. First, a unique flavor combination from a pollo asados trailer on S. 1st and Oltorf—baked potato with carne asada. (The link is just to one of many pollo asado places in town but I think the Oltorf location might be one of the only ones doing the potato thing. They all rock and the green sauce is to die for!). Looks sketchy in my photo but so good!Next new favorite... The Mighty Cone. I tried it a week ago and spent the rest of the week craving it. I've had it twice and could probably eat it everyday for quite a while without tiring of it. I get the chicken and avocado cone. I'm glad to hear that the S. Congress location is a permanent one. This video is thanks to Addie Broyles.

I also finally tried Home Slice. Pretty good. Not sure it was authentic New York pizza but it was good after a long day in the sun. I still prefer Southside Flying Pizza. The dough is incredible and the waitstaff are amazingly nice. It reminds me of Grimaldi's in Brooklyn (in taste not ambiance).

So while I was munching on all this great food, I was also selling my belt buckles and art. I introduced my photo boxes and received a lot of positive responses to them. I should be dropping off a set to Austin Handmade this week or next and maybe offering them in my Etsy shop. I was surprised that I sold so many photographs. I rarely bring those to shows because they are hard to set up and, quite frankly, they make me nervous. I know I'm not the best photographer out there. I might have a degree in photography but I always feel like an amateur. But I sold several and that was what seemed to be pulling people into my booth. I might have to re-evaluate my views of my work :)

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Blue Mama said...

I love your stuff. We didn't brave the SXSW madness this year but I would have liked to come by your booth and meet you. My husband, Sean is friends with Wes. I was at the Maker Faire too but didn't leave my booth too much...

(my name too)