Help a Girl Out!

What is Miss Pickle saying? My cleverness is all tapped out and I would love some help with this. Leave a comment and tell me what she is telling you. Contest is open until Sunday, the 15th. I will pick my favorite and you will win this before anyone can buy it:

Crow Belt Buckle

Make me laugh, be clever. If you make me fall out of my chair and my drink comes out my nose, you win!
Try to keep it PG, but other than that no rules, you can even submit multiple entries if you just can't contain yourself :) What would Miss Pickle say?

(I will announce the winner on Monday! I will try to contact the winner through their blog comment, but if I can't get a hold of you, please contact me so I can mail out the prize!)


esque said...

Miss Pickle says: "Wowza, that tastes good!" Whatever "that" may be!


barelyknittogether.com said...

Miss Pickle (a.k.a. Violet Beauregard) says, "I'm the World Record holder in chewing gum. I'm not afraid of anything!"

Jen said...

So far so good... Send me more!

Anonymous said...

Miss Pickle says:"Gimme back that filet O' fish. Give me that fish...Ahhhhh."


rhino said...

if you give me peanut butter one more time ...

Rachel said...

"ouah-ouah" is how a french dog barks

"树皮" is how to bark in chinese

or "Irony" because taking dogs, yeah.

barelyknittogether.com said...

Facebook is so last week. Tweet me.