Looking For That Little Blue Box?

My friends know I tend toward geeky behavior. Most of the time I just associate with geeks, pick up what is going on in comics, movies, video games and tv shows by osmosis, occasionally dabbling myself. I tend to be a little pickier than my friends about what I will spend time on because I spend most of my day in my studio and that leaves little time for other things. My last geeky obsession was Firefly. I'm pretty sure I cried when Fox canceled that one. Joss Whedon is one of my favorite creators out there and while I watch his newest series, Dollhouse, it hasn't struck me as his normal brilliant fare. Dr. Horrible is his last project that displayed what he is capable of when he is engaged and believes in his own work. IMHO, of course :)

Doctor Who has become my latest favorite show. Now, I feel like a poser in admitting this but when I was a kid and the old Doctor Who series would come on late at night, sometimes I watched and sometimes I didn't. It was hokey and low budget and I hadn't developed a taste for British television yet. But when we cancelled our cable a few months back and subscribed to Netflix instead, one of the first things we did was stream the new Doctor Who series. I was familiar with the show and knew there was a strong following but didn't know what to expect with the new series. I was hooked! So, in honor of the forthcoming 11th Doctor, here are some fan created items on Etsy (I bought the poster at the end!) I have a TARDIS themed belt buckle idea noodling around in my head. One of these days... But until then, enjoy these finds!

For the geek girl that has everything. Ursula and Olive's shop has plenty of other Doctor Who related merchandise. Check out the Dalek themed greeting cards...

TARDIS pendant byDevil And Mouse

Leather TARDIS journal crafted by Bind Me

Dave Perillo's great poster. Here is his blog and Etsy shop


liza said...

ohh, i love, love, love doctor who! my dad used to balance me on the tops of his feet and we would shuffle around the room yelling "EXTERMINATE!"

how about a tardis buckle?

xo liza!

Jen said...

It is sitting in my hard drive as we speak. It'll show up on my blog and in my shop soon!