Doctor Who Redeux

Last week I posted about some of my favorite Doctor Who Etsy finds and said I would be working on my own designs for my belt buckles. Well, I did a set of three. The buckles aren't ready yet but I figured I'd post a sneak peek of the designs. A girl has to do something while waiting for new episodes.

I was determined that the Dalek design wouldn't be my favorite because everyone loves them, but it couldn't be helped. It's my favorite. I can't decide which Doctor is best so I just went with the TARDIS. Hope everyone enjoys the designs. Keep checking my Etsy site for the buckles. Should be soon.

***4-10-09: All the Doctor Who themed belt buckles are now in my Etsy shop!



I wasn't going to blog today until I found this. So I'll make it short and sweet. This is for all of the design and typography nerds out there. It isn't the first clever kern accessory but I like it. It made me smile. You can find it at plastique's etsy shop.


More Flowers with TtV

I recently built another contraption with a new twin lens reflex camera in order to do TtV photography. My first attempt was with a Kodak Duaflex II camera but I went back to ebay to find a plain old Duaflex. It seems to work better. I also attached a lens hood to the front of the contraption to help with the lens flare problem. I'm still getting a small blue vignette on the right side of the image but I think I will be able to adjust the new contraption to solve that. It is interesting sometimes but I'd rather add that later in Photoshop if I want it rather than be a slave to it.

The flowers were all recently aquired during my gardening bug. I have been barrerd from going to any more gardeing stores until after we rebuild the fence in our backyard. I had been using redoing the backyard as an excuse to buy more plants... to have them ready to go when we can finally plant things back there. For now, my front porch is colorful.


SXSW Recap

Where to start? Food is always my favorite part of any event and I had several new experiences while tending my booth in the Guero's parking lot this weekend. First, a unique flavor combination from a pollo asados trailer on S. 1st and Oltorf—baked potato with carne asada. (The link is just to one of many pollo asado places in town but I think the Oltorf location might be one of the only ones doing the potato thing. They all rock and the green sauce is to die for!). Looks sketchy in my photo but so good!Next new favorite... The Mighty Cone. I tried it a week ago and spent the rest of the week craving it. I've had it twice and could probably eat it everyday for quite a while without tiring of it. I get the chicken and avocado cone. I'm glad to hear that the S. Congress location is a permanent one. This video is thanks to Addie Broyles.

I also finally tried Home Slice. Pretty good. Not sure it was authentic New York pizza but it was good after a long day in the sun. I still prefer Southside Flying Pizza. The dough is incredible and the waitstaff are amazingly nice. It reminds me of Grimaldi's in Brooklyn (in taste not ambiance).

So while I was munching on all this great food, I was also selling my belt buckles and art. I introduced my photo boxes and received a lot of positive responses to them. I should be dropping off a set to Austin Handmade this week or next and maybe offering them in my Etsy shop. I was surprised that I sold so many photographs. I rarely bring those to shows because they are hard to set up and, quite frankly, they make me nervous. I know I'm not the best photographer out there. I might have a degree in photography but I always feel like an amateur. But I sold several and that was what seemed to be pulling people into my booth. I might have to re-evaluate my views of my work :)


Looking For That Little Blue Box?

My friends know I tend toward geeky behavior. Most of the time I just associate with geeks, pick up what is going on in comics, movies, video games and tv shows by osmosis, occasionally dabbling myself. I tend to be a little pickier than my friends about what I will spend time on because I spend most of my day in my studio and that leaves little time for other things. My last geeky obsession was Firefly. I'm pretty sure I cried when Fox canceled that one. Joss Whedon is one of my favorite creators out there and while I watch his newest series, Dollhouse, it hasn't struck me as his normal brilliant fare. Dr. Horrible is his last project that displayed what he is capable of when he is engaged and believes in his own work. IMHO, of course :)

Doctor Who has become my latest favorite show. Now, I feel like a poser in admitting this but when I was a kid and the old Doctor Who series would come on late at night, sometimes I watched and sometimes I didn't. It was hokey and low budget and I hadn't developed a taste for British television yet. But when we cancelled our cable a few months back and subscribed to Netflix instead, one of the first things we did was stream the new Doctor Who series. I was familiar with the show and knew there was a strong following but didn't know what to expect with the new series. I was hooked! So, in honor of the forthcoming 11th Doctor, here are some fan created items on Etsy (I bought the poster at the end!) I have a TARDIS themed belt buckle idea noodling around in my head. One of these days... But until then, enjoy these finds!

For the geek girl that has everything. Ursula and Olive's shop has plenty of other Doctor Who related merchandise. Check out the Dalek themed greeting cards...

TARDIS pendant byDevil And Mouse

Leather TARDIS journal crafted by Bind Me

Dave Perillo's great poster. Here is his blog and Etsy shop


Spring Chicken

Here is Austin we have just gotten through another cold front with days of rain and no sunshine. Today has been the warmest in awhile and it has put me in great mood. I want to share some of my recent Etsy finds that have also put me in a good mood.
Cute felted chick from Siiri's Shop

Paper Mache Chicken from DodadChick

Ceramic Bowl by Prince Design UK


Ms. Rachel of So She is Gold is the winner. I like the idea of an international Miss Pickle :) I see you are in Austin and, cross-my-heart, I didn't look until after I picked the winner, but that does make it a bit easier to deliver the goods. Thanks to everyone who participated. Keep checking back to see what else I might be giving away. Also going to have promotion in my shop sometime soon to help raise money for Texas Cattle Dog Rescue. I'll keep you posted...


Help a Girl Out!

What is Miss Pickle saying? My cleverness is all tapped out and I would love some help with this. Leave a comment and tell me what she is telling you. Contest is open until Sunday, the 15th. I will pick my favorite and you will win this before anyone can buy it:

Crow Belt Buckle

Make me laugh, be clever. If you make me fall out of my chair and my drink comes out my nose, you win!
Try to keep it PG, but other than that no rules, you can even submit multiple entries if you just can't contain yourself :) What would Miss Pickle say?

(I will announce the winner on Monday! I will try to contact the winner through their blog comment, but if I can't get a hold of you, please contact me so I can mail out the prize!)



Everyone in Austin and well beyond knows that SXSW turns this city into one big festival and party for the better part of March. All the music, movies and events happening can keep even the most energetic person going until they drop. Some of my favorite events usually aren't a part of the official line up but that what makes SXSW great... so many creative people joining in the celebration and turning it into something even better. I have a few things on my to-do list this year.

One, is the Flatstock Poster Show. I don't even have room on my walls for all the great posters I walk away with every year, but the images are so wonderful that I buy them anyway. When I clean out my studio, it is always like Christmas when I find my poster collection and go through it again. I end up going to the store and framing new ones to redecorate the house.

Two, is the Handmade Austin Market's booth at Guero's, March 19th-22nd. I'll be there with some of my belt buckles and prints along with tons of other local artists.

Three, is the Etsy Austin booth at Hill Country Weavers on South Congress, March 14th, 15th, 20th, and 21st noon to 7 p.m. This event features Etsy artists from Austin (obviously!) and is a good way to see what the Etsy community has to offer.
Some of the artists will be hosting demos, some of the artists will be walking around downtown handing out some of the promo bags many in the group have spent days working on. They are really cute and were made using old t-shirts. Kim of Broken Ear Productions was great enough to post a how-to video for the bags.

Come out and join the festivities. You are guaranteed to have fun at SXSW this year!


Owls, Crows & Weenie Dogs

Sound like those go together to me! My new illustrations should be appearing on belt buckles, in jewelry and as prints pretty soon. I'd forgotten how much fun Illustrator can be. I had turned some images (the crow and the weenie dog) into vector art when Vector Magic was still free and just got around to using it. BTW, if you can afford it, get Vector Magic. So much easier than Live Trace in Illustrator and better results. It'll export as an .eps or .ai. Great stuff. Otherwise, I tend to hand draw what I want then trace it and import it into Illustrator to trace over with the pen and shape tools.


A Day at the Park

I went to the park a couple of days ago and took my "toy" cameras. I have a Kodak Duaflex II twin lens reflex camera that I rigged up to do TtV photography. Yes, I know it is contrived and over done, but it is so much fun! It is like how my serious motorcycle riding friends describe the difference between a pro dirt bike and a cheap, oil leaking Russian bike with a side car. Yeah, the fast dirt bike is fun and gives you an adrenaline rush but the bike with the side car makes you smile like a 5 year old on Christmas even though you are only going 30 mph. Besides, isn't doing art and photography supposed to be fun? I'm still working on my rig. I get a weird blue vignette on the right corners of the images. I'm pretty sure I just need to build a sturdier box to put my digital on top of.
My other set up was a Canon 20D with a Lensbaby attached. It is one of the older lenses; they have much fancier versions now, but mine is still functional. The images always feel like an impressionist painting.


Wood Grain is Nice

I wish someone would have told me how long it would take to photograph all my items and re-post them to my Etsy shop, LOL. Let's just say, if you plan on doing the same, set aside a full day and a half.

Luckily, I made several photoshop actions and since my lighting stayed consistent I could automate quite a bit of the work.

I love my new background. It is a wood grain printed paper I found at the local art supply store. I think it is neutral enough to let my work stand out but still interesting.